I believe that the way people live can be directed a little by architecture

My Designs

An ambitious person who always aims for the extraordinary. She tends to describe herself as a prompt ‎and creative woman / Architect.‎

Nour Koubeissy

Partner at Schema Seven Architects

Nour Koubeissy Haj Ali is a graduate with a master degree in Architecture from Lebanese ‎University, class of 2015. With great respect to Adaptive Reuse Architecture, Nour submitted her ‎graduation project targeting non-typical and creative working/living lofts in a process of adaptive ‎reuse of industrial areas. ‎

Nour’s way in planning and designing differs from normal with a signature. As such she is an ‎enthusiastic team player thriving in a challenging environment where she can take initiatives with ‎effective communications.

With a keen eye for detail, she loves drawing simple floor plans optimizing the space to its maximum function.


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