Adon House


Adon House

At the foot of a hillside of Mount al-Rayhan near the village of Mlikh, ADON house is located.

The name Adon ” lord” is derived from the name of the neighboring village Mlikh. The word Malik is derived from the Semitic word “MLK” which means the king.
Mlikh is a mountain village in the Jezzine district, located in the South Governorate of Lebanon. It lies on the Al Rihan mountain chain (around 4,000-7,000 feet above sea level).
Adon House is a concept for a modern sustainable house in a rugged mountainous environment.Schema designed the house on a small cliff in the middle of a cultivable slope. The aim is to encourage the return to natural environments.

The house consists of three levels:
The first level : includes the entrance, which is at the level of the road, and it is a frame of treated steel that contains stairs down to the second level.
The Second Level :It includes a kitchen, dining room, reception area, and two bedrooms separate from the living area, and a glass corridor connects them to the house.
The third level :includes the master bedroom with a small atelier for the owner and an outside terrace that flatters over the cliff and overlooks the farmland and the pool.

In addition to the house, Adon project includes reclamation of the adjacent lands by constructing an artificial pond to collect rainwater and use it for irrigation.