Fahes Residence




Qabrikha, Lebanon


Wael Moustafa

  • YEAR : 2021
  • LOCATION : Qabrikha, Lebanon
  • DESIGN : Wael Moustafa

Fahes Residence

Fahs home is carefully placed on a densely overgrown hill that is sloping north in the direction of the marvelous valley of Al-Hujair in Qabrikha in the Marjeyoun District in southern Lebanon. On multiple levels, the otherworldly landscape has modeled the form of the building.
This project was born by the dream of the homeowner of being a holiday house with a modern style, a kind of a mountainous chalet.

The house consists of three levels:
The ground level includes the lobby and a reception area, a kitchen, dining room, living room, and two bedrooms
The first Level includes the master bedroom with a private terrace
The basement level includes car parking and a maid room with a storage area and services of the pool.
The design was fine-tuned throughout the interior, in which soft tones and natural materials accentuate the light-filled house.During the entire design process, the focus has been on liveability and homeliness.

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