Swallow Nest

dwelling unit

Swallow Nest

Swallow Nest is an integrated dwelling unit that is designed specifically for adventurers and campers as it provides them with all of their needs.
The concept has been adapted from the way an immigrant swallow builds his nest on roofs, light posts, cliffs and archaeological or abandoned buildings.
Swallow Nest belongs to parasite architecture that’s defined as an adaptable, transient and exploitative form of architecture that forces relationships with host buildings in order to complete themselves. Parasites cannot sustain their own existence without siphoning energy from the surplus supply demonstrated in host buildings.
the nest is consists of two levels. Each level is 7 m2 in area, covered with perforated steel panels for an elegant modern design.
Renewable energy is a concern in Swallow Nest. It generates power through some solar panels fixed on the roof as well as three other sides of the unit. Swallow Nest’s declined roof helps in gathering rainwater for later use. Water is also provided through a water purification system attached at the bottom of Swallow Nest.





  • YEAR : 2016
  • LOCATION : concept
  • DESIGN :
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