Kafar Hamam villa

YEAR  2019
LOCATION Kafar Hamam | South Lebanon


The site is located in the country side area of Kafar Hamam. The Site is approximately 3000 m2.

The construction project includes a main villa of an approximate footprint of 340 m2. In addition, the project also includes a garage, a guard house, water tank, swimming pool and a technical area.
A convenient structural system has been proposed to suit the architectural layouts in order to optimize a flexible architectural function with close regard to the site’s nature and the country’s common practice.
Reinforced Concrete structural elements are implemented in coordination with the architecture all over the building’s height to carry the lateral and gravitational loads safely to foundation.
A thorough evaluation and analysis are made through manual calculations during the preliminary and schematic stage, while models were analyzed by using advanced computer software to simulate the response of the building.