Schema Seven, an avant-garde design studio established in 2013, is the brainchild of esteemed architect Wael Mostafa and distinguished interior designer Mohamad Hussein Shehade. Over the years, we have witnessed a remarkable evolution in our challenges and projects, paralleled by the growth of our dedicated team. In 2019, we welcomed expert interior designer Batool Jebara and seasoned structural engineers Mohammad Hussein Tfaily and Hassan Haidar, further bolstering our capability to exceed client expectations and elevate our accomplishments.

At Schema Seven, our driving ambition is to transform our clients’ visions into exceptional designs, uniquely tailored and deeply influenced by cultural nuances. We are fervent believers in the power of design, not just as an aesthetic choice but as a lasting legacy that transcends generations, inspires communities, and enhances lives. We envision innovative buildings as catalysts for a better, more efficient way of living, maximizing the potential of our spaces.

Our commitment extends beyond design excellence; we pledge to forge enduring relationships with our clients, surpassing their expectations, and earning their trust through the exemplary designs we deliver. A key aspect of our philosophy involves guiding our clients towards eco-friendly materials and sustainable building practices.

Schema Seven proudly offers a comprehensive suite of services encompassing Architectural Design, Interior Design, Structural Studies, Electrical and Mechanical Studies, Landscape Design, and Architectural Supervision. Our approach is holistic, overseeing projects from inception to fruition, ensuring each creation is not just a structure, but a testament to unique and innovative design.

Our Team

Uniting Creativity, Engineering Excellence

Founder | Architect
Co-founder | Interior Architect
Partner | Interior Architect
Partner |Structural engineer
Partner |Structural engineer

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