If you intend to construct or renovate your house Schema seven will deal with the whole process of this planning, execution and inspection of your work until its conclusion, as if it were ours, in order to ensure that it is completed in perfect conditions and meet our strict quality standards.

Our clients will be submitted for approval before the respective budget, will be presented a period of execution, which will be scrupulously fulfilled and after approval will proceed to the award of the contract and inspection ensuring that everything is as agreed.



We come and visit the site and/or building to understand the layout. If required we will ask for trail pits to be dug in advance to allow us to assess the ground and advise if any further specialist design input will be required.


Based on the architect’s drawings and the information gained from the site visit, we will provide a scheme design covering material solutions and method of construction.

This preliminary stage allows for a feedback process into the design and ensures we have understood the architectural vision. It also allows for a feedback loop of changes to the architectural, as the design may highlight issues unseen at early planning stage.


Following on from the feedback, a final set of design calculations are then produced for Building Control submission. Construction Documents including sketches, cad drawings and specifications are then generated to provide suitable information to allow the contractor to work from and deliver the project on site.


Schema Seven provides comprehensive management, supervision and inspection services, which are tailor-made for each project and which cover all dimensions and phases of construction and site applications of projects of its employers and clients serving both in public and private sectors in different Fields of Activity.

Schema Seven exercises the authority as the “Engineer” and “Employer’s Representative” given by and on behalf of its employers and clients in order to complete the construction and site activities

  • In compliance with related conditions of contract
  • In compliance with legislation, rules, regulations, standards, specifications, technical works and field of art rules
  • In compliance with application / detailed design
  • Within specified budget and time