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The structure can be sophisticated, eloquent and economic, but if it is late, ambiguous or difficult to construct, it will have failed.

Partner at Schema 7

Experienced Structural Engineer with a demonstrated history of working on both site and office.
Skilled in Structural Analysis, Seismic Design, and Finite Element Analysis (FEA).
Strong engineering professional graduated from ULFG3 in 2017.

He have the duty not only to make the structures safe and sustainable, but also to do so to the highest standards.

Hassan says that structural engineering is not only concerned with the conception of structural systems, their calculation, construction and stability, but it is equally concerned with service; service to the community, ensuring that our society is adequately informed about what we can do for it.

He continues by saying :”As structural engineers we play a critical role in the projects for which we are appointed. If success is judged simply against the need to provide adequate resistance to collapse, then we are very successful, but the value we can bring to a project goes far beyond that”.


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