Furn El Chebbak , Lebanon

577 | Dorms


The project is located in Furn El Chebbak, one of the biggest quarters in Beirut. This place is characterized by the typological variety of buildings in a rich urban structure which allows the adoption of several architectural languages and methods.

The building is designed as a foyer – one-room apartments. The existence of universities and business establishments in the region and its neighborhood imposed the need for such a project.

The engineer resorted to observing the structure existing either in the plan or in the facades. The building combined three blocks in a fourth block, the stairway. They differ in volume, shape, height, and color; they agreed on the same architectural language so that the project was merged with the main facade of the street and was in harmony with the public atmosphere of the quarter. Many elements played a role in making the project alive and free from boredom and stagnancy either in the different blocks or in the use of louvers in glass facades that undoubtedly reflect the spirit of apartments from inside.

Furthermore, the constructional expansion and growth imposed a recession in green spaces and gardens over the years. The building has nothing to do except to move the green elements vertically at the facade and transfer it to a vivid space enriching the building and the surrounding as well.

The building is made of:
– Two basements: parking + service
– A ground floor: an entrance + pillars floor
– First to fourth floors: 7 apartments per floor
– A fifth floor: 4 apartments + terrace
– A sixth floor: 4 apartments