modern-day bachelors pad

Apartment grey

Located in the bustling suburbs of Beirut, apartment grey is a modern-day bachelor's pad.
An estimated area of 130 sqm, is divided to fit the owners' needs keeping circulation and industrial aesthetics in mind.
A uniform white drop ceiling frames the preserved concrete ceiling with industrial lighting elements.
An industrial glass and metal folding door serves as a partition in the living area, integrating two spaces and providing privacy where needed.
Maximum storage space is provided considering the small space provided. The master bed lays against a concealed storage with a wooden finish. Closet space is divided into glass, metal, and concrete finish wood panels.
The kitchen area is highlighted by a black ceramic top against a grey marble backsplash, with grey floating cabinets. Tall units are made of oak wood. A Black chrome tap highlights the scene.

Apartment grey has carefully picked materials and finishes that create a living industrial feel.