CubeZ house



Area: built up area 250 sqm

Yahchouch is a village located in the Keserwan District of the Mount Lebanon Governorate. “Yahchouch” name means “wounded god” in Aramaic, since the Syriac god Tammuz (also called Adonis) died in the river named after him (now called Ibrahim River) that runs through Yahchouch.

Architecture is about designing and creating spaces for people to live an enhanced aesthetic life. This is accomplished through an efficient and functional arrangement of space and utilities while encouraging an expressive and creative lifestyle. The main objective with the Cubez house was to create a home that both shelters and enhances the daily living of the clients for now and generations to come.

Cubez house located in Yahchouch was designed for Mr. Sami Z., his wife and two daughters. This 240 Square meter house occupies a big lot, surrounded by a dense mesh of trees, on top of a hill overlooking “Nhar Ibrahim” River and Yahchouch waterfalls. The goal was to maximum benefit from the view of the green valley with taking into consideration the sharp slope.
Cubez house is a small double storey private house; the ground floor consists of a welcome reception area and a dining room that extends into the garden–with its’ twelve-meter long pool, olive trees and outdoor eating area; a practical kitchen with a small storage area, and a guest private toilet. The first floor contains a comfortable master bedroom with a special bathroom and a wooden terrace overlooking the garden from the south and a large glass opening from the west overviews the green valley; two kids’ bedrooms with a family area with a common wooden overlooking Terrace.