GASA House


GASA  House

Located in the scenic village of Qaqqaiya al-Sannoubar in Southern Lebanon, this two-story residence is an embodiment of classic European architectural style, tailored to meet the needs of a family living abroad and seeking a summer retreat in their ancestral village.

The house’s design features a traditional zinc-tile roof, a characteristic element of European architecture, which complements the classic aesthetic. The layout is thoughtfully designed to cater to a family-oriented lifestyle, with a large, open-plan family room directly connected to an American-style kitchen. This open space fosters family interactions and a communal living experience, essential for a vacation home.

In contrast to the open family area, the guest lounge is designed as a separate, more formal space, providing privacy and a distinct area for hosting visitors. The residence boasts three spacious bedrooms, each equipped with its own en-suite bathroom and walk-in closets, ensuring comfort and privacy for each family member. The master bedroom is a particular highlight, offering a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains, an idyllic retreat within the home.

The house’s positioning is meticulously planned to overlook a lush green valley, offering breathtaking views that extend to the sea on the horizon. This strategic placement not only maximizes the scenic vistas but also integrates the home with its natural surroundings, creating a serene and picturesque living environment.

Overall, this house in Qaqqaiya al-Sannoubar is a perfect fusion of European architectural elegance and modern functionality, designed as a summer haven for a family to reconnect with their roots while enjoying the beauty and tranquility of rural Lebanon.