Private family house

GB Villa

Private family house

GB Villa

This private family house is located in Kahale, close to the city of Beirut. It is characterized by a charming natural environment and a beautiful landscape overlooking the sea.

Minimalist school is clearly and obviously translated by the volumes and lines used in the architectural design. The facade is far from complexity and ornamentation. It is satisfied with the simple decorative shapes and horizontal and vertical lines as if it follows a certain grid/tram to obtain this pattern.

Furthermore, the used materials were simple as wood, cement, and glass, keeping the adopted modern style.

The game of volumes and materials wasn't misused due to the fact that internal function of the building could be read from its outer side. A wooden volume with big glass facade increasing the transparency were allocated to the reception area, living room and salons “ especially that the house overlooks the sea. The other functions were designed in the large cement volume embracing the elements, breaking the master bedroom with dynamic-openings glass facade overlooking the sea.

The building is made of:
– A Basement: Parking
– A Ground floor: Salons, a reception area, and kitchen.
– A First floor: bedrooms and living room with a kitchenette.
– A Second floor: family room, games and entertainment room overlooking opened terrace.




Kahale ,Lebanon

  • YEAR : 2016
  • LOCATION : Kahale ,Lebanon
  • DESIGN :
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