Industrial meets chic, Sculpt Ladies Fitness Center due in the year 2021, will be a destination for those who seek the true fitness meets interior experience.

Located in the bustling landmark of Jeddah, KSA, Emaar square, the design of this gym translates the rough stages female go through in workouts to sculpt the figure into this neat, feminine image, thus comes the conception of this contrast in design.

Laying on a bed of Petra Gray marble flooring, an open book marble wall serves as a backdrop for the reception desk, also functioning  as a frame to a rough concrete wall located on the back of the marble wall in the area inside the gym.

The gym workout area is divided into four zones, each zone serving as a space for different classes, and a main zone that connects them all serves as the area for heavyweight and cardio workout.

The Exposed concrete ceiling shouts out through the area ripping off the clean white false ceiling entrance.

Exposed concrete beams, walls, and columns give the space its industrial identity. Overhead, a geometric custom stencil covers the concrete ceiling, running through exposed pipes and ducts. Highlighted by shards of mirror, the ceiling serves as a playful scenery of reflection and depth.

A custom grid structure with a track system runs all through the gym area, fitted with spotlights that focus on the equipment.

Illuminated wall mirrors that run alongside the gym create an aspect of endless reflection.

“There is a beautiful relationship between the space and light, during the daytime natural light defines the space creating a grid of beams, later on the space is floating on a bed of indirect lighting interacting with the different materials used.

The use of a continuous element, serving as a stage turning into a backdrop then into a ceiling, is the element of design in the Spinning class. The metal contrasts itself, with both reflective and matte surfaces.

That’s not all, a spa and wellness a center sits at the center of the space, accessible through the main entrance. Earthly materials were used in this area giving it a characteristic of its own, a mixture of highly reflective Verde marble behind a sandblasted beige marble desk, with a romantic play of floor spotlights versus indirect wall and ceiling lights

Taking into consideration, the environmental aspect of the project, Schema Seven chose to source local materials, wherever possible, helping to promote local businesses as well.