HM Chalets




Kafra, Lebanon


Wael Moustafa

  • YEAR : 2022
  • LOCATION : Kafra, Lebanon
  • DESIGN : Wael Moustafa

HM Chalets

HM Chalets Project

HM Chalets project is located in Kafra village on a hill overlooking the plain of Tyre and its shore.
The project consists of five adjoining diverse chalets. Each chalet represents a different architectural style and culture, which constituted a challenge for us in Schema Seven.
The great challenge was to design five assorted chalets in terms of plan and interior functions as they are different in exterior design.
The difference in architectural styles means different facade elements and methods of treatment, different types of interior and exterior finishing, and even the proportions of windows and height of floors. We worked hard to solve this dilemma by finding and showing the commonalities between the five styles. We have also worked on standardizing cladding materials and using modern touches in treating the facades.

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