HM House

Fahes Residence

HM House

The house of Mr. Hussein Mustafa, Kafra, south of Lebanon

Mr. Mustafa’s house is located on a series of mountainous hills between the towns of Kafra and Rashkananieh, at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level. The property has a unique view of the beach of Tyre, 12 kilometers away.
After visiting the site to discover the strengths and weaknesses of the plot, the Schema team prepared the initial design and presented it to the customer.
After several discussions, we decided to present a second design with a new idea that is more suitable for the site and the requirements of Mr. Mustafa.

After several attempts, the team came up with the final idea, which won the admiration of Mr. Mustafa.
The final solution focused on ​​the importance of the surrounding landscape and reducing the architectural volume.
It was through the repetitive black marble slabs with full glass windows along the facade. And we kept the basic idea that Mr. Matta requested, which is the presence of indoor monsters.
The house consists of floors.
The basement floor contains the salons, dining room, and kitchen-living room, the main entrance from the side of the road.
The ground floor contains the children’s bedrooms and a family living room with an entrance for the family from the side.
The Master bedroom was placed on the second floor to give it high privacy and to benefit from a large terrace overlooking the valley and the sea.

First idea:
The team tried to build a contemporary design with mountain features and a strong presence. In the first idea, the house consists of three floors. On the ground floor, the salons, the dining room, the kitchen, and the family’s living room are distributed around an inner courtyard.
The first floor consists of five bedrooms, a family corner, a prayer room, and a large terrace overlooking the valley and the sea.
The basement floor consists of a multi-use hall, a children’s games room, a small kitchen, and a guest’s sleeping room.