Preserving Heritage

Kahale Mill Renovation

In cooperation with Nawar development and Tatweer

Kahale Mill Renovation

The Geographical Location of Kahale
Kahale is a mountain village located at one of the most beautiful downhills in Lebanon, 322 to 722 meters above Mediterranean sea level, about 13 km far from Beirut and overlooking it.

The mill is a very important heritage and patrimony. It is a source of wealth for Kahale, which may become a heritage-based site and a place to relax and contemplate the beauty of nature and to revive the memory of the past.

Its location in this green region gives it an added value today. Therefore, a forest road can be opened facilitating access to the mill, increasing the glamor of this place and encouraging visitors to have extraordinary moments and an exceptional drive.

Summary of the Project
Our local community in Kahale is invited to create opportunities as an aim to give this heritage-based mill its historical right and to keep it by:

1- Restoration and rehabilitation of internal and external parts (pool, water channel, mill-wheel chamber, mill chamber )
2- Design of a public garden around the mill allowed for families, children, and youth.
3- Creation of passages for people with special needs, enabling them to visit the place.
4- Creation of a stadium and a square with long stairway, suitable for rural, heritage and cultural exhibitions and festivals.
5- Creation of a house of provisions, where village women prepare and sell provisions during seasons, so that mill visitors can buy from the house and eat near the garden surrounding it.
6- Building a small solid resembling the method of operation of this mill using water pressure and the method of grinding wheat corn.

Purposes of the project
Kahale heritage-based mill restoration project aims at several clauses presented as follows:
1- To encourage people to meet and to activate participation between the community members and the public sector.
2- To keep the site and entity of the heritage-based mill.
3- To create a public place visited by inhabitants, where families and people of all ages meet.
4- To make the community a partner in keeping a secure environment by creating a public garden in the green space surrounding the existing mill.
5- To encourage youth to make cultural and artistic activities, by building external stadium and theater for cultural activities in the village.
6- To make women and youth a partner in the operational stage of the project by establishing a women's and youth cooperative concerned in the preparation and marketing of provisions.
7- To encourage inhabitants to keep the heritage and develop environmental tourism.
8- To develop a social capital from the rental of places in this project for certain events and celebrations.