Madi Villa


Madi Residence

A traditional family-friendly villa in the mountains of Elrihan. At an altitude of 1025m, it is surrounded by the mountains of the Rihan Mountains.
As a result of owners’ requests and some evaluations, the villa’s footprint and style need to match traditional Lebanese hilltop dwellings rather than adopting a contemporary approach. It was agreed. Nevertheless, the goal was to bring a fresh look and a uniform spirit to the mountain family home. Therefore, it was important to focus on structure, space, function, and gardens and reinvent them to suit today’s modern lifestyle. The formal concept of the
plan was to create a box, the basement of all domestic services, the kitchen, reception, the first floor of the dining area, the private rooms of the family, and the second floor of the living area with mountain views. The roof was clearly completely covered with classic red tiles. The villa’s cladding is all made of rustic natural stone, emphasizing the old-fashioned atmosphere.