Al Amili Shrine




Aita aljabal, Lebanon


Wael Moustafa

  • YEAR : 2020
  • LOCATION : Aita aljabal, Lebanon
  • DESIGN : Wael Moustafa

Al Amili Shrine

The shrine of Sayyid Jaafar Murtada is in Aita al-Jabal southern Lebanon. It is a small mountain village in the district of Bint Jbeil. Mr. Mortada is an Islamic historian he has worked over the past decades on several books, discussing historical argumentative events. He also founded a religious school in Beirut. Mr. Murtada was buried near his private library and the village mosque. His family requested a design to cover the grave and to connect the library (a three-story apartment building) to the mosque within one building.

Schema seven’s design reflect the most distinguishing merits of Mr. Mortada, who is famous for clarity and asceticism. Therefore, our design is based on traditional Islamic architecture, but in a simpler, less expensive contemporary elements. The building is two inlocking rectangles, the first which is topped by a small dome of green zinc and marble contains a public library, the office of Mr. Mortada and his grave. The second is the mosque, in the center, there is a white minaret with some inscriptions. The design sought to solve the problems that resulted from the relationship of the existing components of the project to each other and its surroundings. As for the external materials, the building is made of white stone and marble, and it includes some green zinc touches to create a modern spirit.

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