SQ Hill House



A system of louvers controls the opening, contemplating the surroundings or closing it. Made out of Oak wood, the same material that clad the walls where the windows are inserted, when closed they give the house the appearance of an impenetrable black massive.
The main entrance door, a discrete element in the East façade, is a hanging stairway to an Oolitic wall , making it easy to recognize.

In-between the mountain landscape, we can discover SQ Hill House,From the slope it is possible to contemplate Zahle city and all the magnificent surrounding landscape.
SQ Hill House is designed as a holidays accommodation for for a recently retired couple and their adult family. It feels as it comes out from the land, merging with it, through the chromatic palette chosen, where the same tones were worked. The East elevation, more discreet, is buried. The other elevations are not buried but follow the terrain morphology. At South, the house opens to the landscape with an open patio zone  that blurs the edge between the exterior and the interior .