Madi Villa – ID



In the realm of interior design, Villa M stands as a paragon of Lebanese Neoclassicism, its interiors a symphony of light and space. The residence unfurls in a palette of pristine white, its vast spaces imbued with an air of expansiveness and ethereal brightness, further accentuated by the lustrous sheen of polished floors. Each room is an ode to elegance, furnished in harmonious white, with decor that speaks of understated luxury.

Central to this design narrative is the use of white French oak, a material that lends itself to both majesty and warmth. It finds its apotheosis in the grandeur of a 4-meter high door, a statement piece that anchors the space and draws the eye with its imposing presence.

The villa is adorned with tasteful accents of brass and minimal fer forgé, each element chosen for its ability to enhance the overall aesthetic. Reeded glass, with its subtle texture and light-diffusing qualities, adds an additional layer of sophistication to the space.

The ground floor is the heart of the villa, home to a family kitchen where functionality meets artistry. At its center stands an island topped with Calacatta gold marble, a luxurious focal point around which daily life revolves. The kitchen is further distinguished by Gatsby tiles and a strategically placed window sink, breaking the monotony and inviting the outside in.

Ascending to the MV, one is greeted by a grand reception hall, its entrance marked by a ceiling-high door of white French oak. Here, the celebrated Lebanese tri arcs make a dramatic appearance, soaring gracefully and offering an unobstructed view of the verdant valley beyond.

The first floor is a sanctuary of private spaces, including the bedrooms. Among them, the Master Bedroom is a masterclass in spatial design.

The challenge of creating a spacious yet aesthetically pleasing environment has been ingeniously met. A multifunctional wooden unit serves not only as a captivating backdrop to the bed but also as a subtle divider, artfully segregating the main sleeping area from the walk-in closet. This element is not merely decorative; it cleverly incorporates a radiator unit, marrying form and function in a seamless blend. In Villa M, every detail is meticulously crafted, ensuring that luxury and comfort coexist in perfect harmony, epitomizing the essence of refined Lebanese Neoclassicism.